In 1969, Garry J. Bowman became, Garry J. Bowman Attorney at Law. He is a native of Michigan, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree at the University of Michigan.  He also has a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Michigan. After admission to the State Bar of California in 1969, he became a prosecutor with the San Diego City Attorney’s office.  In 1970, he opened his private practice law firm in Chula Vista, California.  Initially he was a general practitioner serving clients with cases in Family Law, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation and Probate.  After being part of several law partnerships between 1972 and 1982,  he established a solo practice again in 1982, specializing in Family Law, Probate and Estate Planning.   Garry has been and continues to be active in many clubs, associations and churches.  He also served as Judge Pro Tem in the Superior Court hearing small claims and family hearings.

As a lawyer, Garry prides himself on being honest and fulfilling his client’s needs to the highest level of legal standard possible. By charging reasonable hourly rates, he tries to make sure that his clients are satisfied and taken care of, as he would like his own family to be taken care of.

Family Law is the broad title for a myriad laws that affect people in interpersonal relationships, whether married or not.  Because these “family” relationship often lead to conflict,  an attorney that specialized in Family Law is the best resource to have those conflicts resolved.  Some of the common resolutions for these conflicts are annulment, divorce, custody and visitation orders, orders establishing paternal relationship, child and spousal support orders, among others. The issues involved in Family Law cases often require re-visitation by the parties and the Court.  Garry can assist in modification of prior orders that need to be changed due to a change in circumstances.

Estate Planning is an important part of Garry’s practice as divorcing client’s need to make sure that they plan for the disposition of their assets upon their death.  A well crafted trust or will insures that the client’s wishes for who should inherit is carried out.

Considered to be a family man, Garry and his wife have four grown children and seven grandchildren. Respected by many judges and counsel, Garry has a thoughtful and calm approach in the courtroom, as well as when meeting with clients in his office.  His goal is to try to alleviate stress from his client, as he knows that divorce and court proceedings are some of the most stressful experiences that a person may encounter.  He will give them piece of mind, as much as humanly possible, as his client’s journey through the often difficult and painful process they must navigate

Three words describe Garry’s philosophy on how he practices law: Integrity, Advocacy and Quality.