When parties file for divorce (dissolution of marriage) or legal separation, one party can request that the other party pay money or support. If the money paid is to support the spouce it is often called alimony or in the state of California spousal support. If the money is to support the children it is called child support.


A party can seek spousal support when he or she does not earn enough income to support themselves and the other party has sufficient income to pay such support. Many factors are considered in determining whether a person should receive spousal support, such as the amount of income and the length of time the parties were married.


Both parents are responsible for the support of their children, whether the parents are married or not. When the parents are separated, either parent can file a court proceeding (divorce, legal separation, parental relationship, etc.) to seek payment or support from the other parent. The amount of support to be paid by one parent to the other is based on established statewide guidelines.

Because the factors determining support are varied and depend on the persons individual circumstances, it is best to confer with an attorney to determine whether you will be required to pay or receive support when you file for divorce (dissolution of marriage) or legal separation. Contact Garry J. Bowman by email or telephone to discuss your specific situation. Garry has been specializing in Family Law for over 40 years and is recognized publicly as a superior provider of diversified legal services including: divorce, estate planning, adoption and restraining orders.

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