Modification is when the family law court changes the orders at a later date to reflect a material change in circumstances since the previous court order. Usually modifications occur in the area of custody, visitation and support.

Modifications can be made either by agreement or after a court hearing. An agreed upon order is referred to as a “Stipulation and Order” and can be submitted for a judges signature without a hearing. The Stipulation and Order is not a court mandated form but is prepared individually for each case. Attorney Garry J. Bowman, a certified family law specialist, can assist you in obtaining a modification by Stipulation and Order.

If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement concerning an issue that you feel should be addressed or an order that needs to be changed, you will have to bring an Order to Show Cause (also called a Motion) and have the judge address the issue at a hearing. Mr. Bowman is prepared to assist you in any modification matter.

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