Attorney Garry J. Bowman often acts as a mediator (or neutral third party) in dissolution (or divorce) cases where both parties agree.
If you choose mediation, you and your spouse can meet with Mr. Bowman who will help you resolve your custody, property and support issues. The goal is to obtain a legally binding, stipulated Judgment of Dissolution.

Although Mr. Bowman is a certified family law specialist and will know the law in your situation, you have the right to have your own legal counsel advise you at any step in the process. In fact, if you choose to conduct discovery or pursue strategies independent of the mediation process, you may want to have your own attorney represent you during the mediation.

To determine if mediation is right for you based on your individual circumstances, contact Garry J. Bowman by email or telephone to discuss your specific situation. If you and your spouse would like to consider Mr. Bowman as a mediator you can also contact his office directly.