Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

Violence that occurs between married or unmarried couples and in families is referred to as “domestic violence” and is often referred to in the abbreviated form: DV. DV can involve verbal abuse, physical and sexual abuse, stalking, not allowing a person to leave and many other abusive behaviors. When a person wants the abuse to stop and the other party will not stop the abuse, the police may be called and a person can obtain a restraining order to keep the abusing person away.

To file for a restraining order, you have to file a petition in the Superior Court requesting a temporary restraining order (TRO). Once the TRO is issued containing the terms of the restraining order, it will be served on the other party and a hearing will be set as to whether the TRO should become permanent. There is no cost to file a TRO and the Sheriff will usually serve the restrained person for free.

You can obtain help from the law office of Garry J. Bowman for domestic violence restraining orders or you can contact the facilitator’s office at the local Superior Court. You can find some guidance on the California Courts Web site at For more information, request a free copy of the California State Bar pamphlet Can the Law Help Protect Me from Domestic Violence? You can go to the State Bar website at

On the other hand, you may feel that a TRO has been issued against you without cause. Garry J. Bowman is experienced in the defense of unwarranted restraining orders and will represent you in court to set aside the TRO.