Probate is the process whereby a deceased person’s material possessions, including real property, personal property, bank accounts, investments, cash and any other assets, are ordered by the court to be distributed to a person’s beneficiaries or heirs. Probate is not required when a person owns property in joint tenancy with another person who survives the decedent. Some assets have a designated beneficiary that succeeds to the ownership on the death of the decedent (for example, life insurance, IRA’s, annuities).

If a person dies without owning real property and all other assets are under $150,000, probate can be avoided by the affidavit procedure. Contact Garry J. Bowman to assist you with this process.

Probate can be avoided with a properly drafted living trust. A will alone will not avoid probate. See the title “Trust” on this website for more information. Attorney Garry J. Bowman can advise you on how to avoid probate and save you and your heirs from the cost and delays associated with probate.

If you are an heir or beneficiary of someone that died without a will or trust leaving real property and/or assets that exceed $150,000 in value, or you are the named executor of a decedent with a will, the probate process cannot be avoided. Garry J. Bowman is experienced in the probate process and can help you through the process as quickly as possible.
Contact Garry J. Bowman for more information. He can assist you in the preparation of a living trust, will and other estate planning documents.

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