If you’ve decided to give your marriage another shot despite the problems you are facing, you need to understand that there is no magic bullet. The tips given here are not foolproof, but they can exponentially increase the chances of getting the marriage back on track again.

Forgiveness: The first step to reconciliation involves letting go off the negative emotional processes and a renewed commitment to wanting to make things work. Failure to commit to this principle and your chances of reconciliation will be diminished.

Work on Your Well-Being: Reflect on the nature of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This helps you to deal with the negative emotions that you may be experiencing throughout this trying period.


Avoid Focusing On The Negative: If you have decided to make the marriage work, it is best to stay focused on the positive things that brought both of you together.

Take A Break From The Bitter Arguments: Whenever your spouse does something to upset you it is advisable to wait for sometime before bringing it up. Good timing can help couples address issues more constructively.

Avoid Keeping Score: Avoid keeping scores as much as possible as it breeds resentment.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: You need to ask yourself is it worth it to keep fighting over the small stuff? If it is can you find ways to deliberate on the issue in a more constructive manner?

Sticking To the Subject: When arguing stick to the subject. When the arguments become intense there is the tendency to bring up unrelated issues, and that prevents both of you from finding the right solutions amicably. For example, when talking about sharing chores, do not bring up something he/she said two months ago. Focus on the subject in question.

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