t may get to a point where you need to decide whether to get a divorce or stay and make the marriage work. The decision is not easy especially when you feel there are real reasons for you to stay, such as your children. However, there are circumstances that may lead you to finally settle for a divorce.


Are You Rushing: It is important that you make the decision to divorce your spouse based on a rational argument, rather than on your ego, or on what you are feeling. The decision is going to have an impact on your children, finances, and your way of life for a couple of years to come.

Very often when resentment is built up between couples there is the tendency to want to get a divorce and move on as soon as possible. If you haven’t taken time to evaluate your decision, you need to sit down and consider all your options.

Were you Ever Together: A marriage is a union between two people. Sometimes it is only a union on paper. The couple may be living their own separate lives under one roof. This type of marriage is difficult to save. The marriage ought to have started with the couple reconciling their expectations. If this did not happen at the beginning of the union, it will be difficult to reconcile when you are experiencing marital problems.

You’re are Being Disrespected: If you are being disrespected then it may be time to call it quits. Disrespect may include cheating or failure to address your concerns over the issue. Additionally, it may include physical and emotional abuse which are some of the top reasons to get a divorce. Disrespect may also include being ignored and not being treated with the dignity and respect that you deserve as an equal in that relationship.